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July 19 (1) - Leaving Las Vegas

Actually, I skip LV. I have seen the neon of two casinos. I have lived. Also, it saves me half a day and a hop (50 miles shaved off.)

Froggy at Hoover Dam - any shade we can get!

Learned my lesson yesterday. I am on the road early. By 7 am, it is 76 degrees. By 8 am, 85. Keeps going up all morning. 100 by noon.

I go straight to Hoover Dam. The sky is exceptionally blue. It is very hot. Heat waves radiate from the concrete.

I take pictures of the dam from the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, I walk the bridge and the top of the dam. I watch the video. I go on the turbine tour.

Click the images below for a slide show.

Have a great dam day! everyone says. It is joke grown large. I am amused each time a Dam employee says it.

I did not expect to enjoy Hoover Dam so much. It was a very worthwhile trip.

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