Day-by-Day: July 15-21 (Week 1)

July 15  (M): Louisville to Los Angeles

Activities: Santa Monica and Venice - Sightseeing

Passenger/co-pilot: Laura

July 16 (Tu): Los Angeles  

Activities: Moving the BluFrog to Santa Monica, Sightseeing

Passenger/co-pilot: Laura

July 17 (W): Official START -  LA to Victorville, CA

Getting some road under the tires, solving the unanticipated snafus, climbing the Cajon Pass


July 18 (Th): Victorville, CA to Primm, NV

Open Desert, wide spaces, iconic


July 19 (Fr): Primm to Willow Beach, AZ

Hoover Dam, Kayaking Black Water Canyon Trail


July 20 (Sa): Willow Beach, AZ to Grand Canyon Caverns, AZ

Sightseeing Kingman Powerhouse Route 66 Museum,Hackberry General Store, Grand Canyon Caverns


July 21(Su): GC Caverns to Grand Canyon Nat. Park

Sightseeing on way to Grand Canyon Nat Park, camp in Matherson Campground


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