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Day-by-Day: July 22-28 (Week 2)

July 22. (M): Grand Canyon Nat. Park 

Hike 6.5 miles down the South Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Trail at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Passenger/co-pilot: Chip

July 23 (Tu): Grand Canyon, then back to Williams AZ

Hike up the Bright Angel Trail up to the south rim of the Grand Canyon (9.9 miles), Matherson Campground

Passenger/co-pilot: Chip

July 24 (W): Williams to Flagstaff to Winslow AZ

Kaibab National Forest, Two Guns Ghost town, Winslow AZ slowing' down to take a look at you


July 25 (Th): Winslow to Petrified Forest AZ to Gallup NM 

Viewed vast vista and majestic sky, including thunder storms;crossed from Arizona into New Mexico

Passenger/co-pilot: Chip

July 26 (F): Gallup NM to Rock State Park NM to Sky City Acoma Pueblo NM

Made it from Acoma Pueblo in one hop (74) miles) by driving Route 66 at 50 mph whole way, stayed in casino, toured Acoma Pueblo on top of mesa

Passenger/co-pilot: Chip

July 27 (Sa): Acoma to Albuquerque to Clines Corners NM

Continental Divide, tour Acoma Sky City pueblo Antique Car and Toy Museum, Teepee Curios, Blue Swallow Motel

Passenger/co-pilot: Chip until Albuquerque - he flew home.

July 28 (Sun):  Clines Corners to Santa Rosa NM to Tucumcari NM to Adrian TX

Antique Car and Toy Museum, Teepee Curios, Blue Swallow Motel Pablo Duro State Park, Creek RV Campground/ or cross New Mexico/ Texas border to Route 66 Midpoint in Adrian TX


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