The Car - 2016 Chevy Spark EV

Special Features of this Spark:
       Level 3 charger port
       Heated Seats
       Low miles (11k)
I wanted but did not get a backup camera.
(Sorry, fellow drivers!  I tried.)
Purchase information:
              Post Lease car 
Seller: Rydell Auto Group
              Northridge, CA 
Sales: Mo Crumby and the Rydell team

I searched used SPARK EV on line on CarMax, Edmunds, CarGuru, etc..

Click here for a searchable link.

Purchase Hiccup 
 You can not "buy" a new Spark EV in Maine.  
Spark EVs are only sold new in CA and TX.  
you can go see GAS Sparks at a Maine dealership and
FROM a CA or TX Chevy Dealer.  
Purchase Hiccup
2019 is the LAST model year for
the Spark EV.
Starting in 2020, Chevy is not making more Sparks EVs.
many used and POST Lease Spark EVs for sale in CA. TX, and on the East Coast in CT, NY, PA, and NJ. 
Locate and buy
a used Spark EV
on CarFax, Edmunds, etc


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