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July 17 (2) Start Day - The first charge

A movie theater in the 1970's, iconic already then, my friends and I saw many movies there in high school, including GREASE when it first came out. I am sure the letters on top spelled something different then.
Historic building across from Westwood Village EVgo charger

I use the phone apps, PlugShare ( /how-to-use-plugshare-guide.html) and EVgo (, to find a level 3 (Fast) EVgo charger in a parking garage in Westwood, about six miles from the pier. The EVgo app tells me there are two machines with 4 chargers in all, one free. I scoot over there as fast as I can because there is a chance someone else will come in before I arrive. One is free, a parking space is right in front of it, my EVgo card works, and I sit in the car for the 35 minutes the charge takes. (Whew!) I look up two more chargers, one in Upland (46 miles from Westwood) and the other in San Bernardino (66 miles) because I am not sure how far I will get on this first charge. I also map quest the route for about the 20th time.

Side by side EVgo chargers in parking garage

I stop the charge because the car's dash panel tells me the car has 85 miles of charge on it. It seems enough.

Later, I discover I should have stayed a little longer because it might have added a few more miles. Also, I learn the dash panel will tell me the battery is full.

The guy at the ticket window does not charge me for the time in the garage. I am not sure why but I am psyched. I head to the freeway to make Mrs. Froggy's first official hop.

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