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July 17 (1) Start Day - Yearbook picture not happening

Start Day is finally here!

On the Santa Monica Pier, not on the street leading to the Pier, as I thought.

Sarah and I drive the Blue Frog to the Santa Monica pier . We have the idea that we can take a picture of the car in front of the Route 66 End of the Road sign. The sign, however, is actually ON the pier.

BUT I am able to drive right onto the pier itself. ( I follow behind another car that drops someone off for work.) Being on the pier in a car surprises me greatly, because the whole hundred year old, wooden structure is creaking and rocking under the Blue Frog's wheels.

BUT about 30 feet from the sign, we are stopped by a row of stanchions.

THEN the police come driving down the pier and we skedaddle right out of there, one hop ahead of them.

Not really; this being Southern California, the cops appear to be delivering several large, rescue surf boards to the end of the pier and drive right by us.

Still no start of the trip, yearbook picture for this journey.

Sarah and I say goodbye and Blue Frog and I head out. Sarah takes a great picture of the Santa Monica pier sign as I go.

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