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July 19 (5) Willow Beach - Wildlife

BACKTRACKS: During my first week on the road, I had trouble connecting to strong enough WiFi to compose and post my daily notes. For the next few days, I will finish these posts and put them out for you. Please accept my apologies that they are out of order of the trip.)

Wildlife people saw the day I was at Willow Beach:

  1. Gambel's quail -the bobbing feathers on top are very silly

  2. Harris's Antelope Squirrel, which I would have called a chipmunk. Several of them ran across the road with their tails straight up like flags.

  3. Desert cottontail rabbits - these rabbit had small ears.

  4. Mountain goat. I did not see this but another camper did and snapped this picture.

  5. And a burro who was very disappointed in me when I heeded the Ranger's brochure about not feeding the wildlife. I do not if he was really a family pet with a large range.

  6. I tried to film the Harris's Antelope squirrels running across the road, the cottontails, and the Gambel's quail but my efforts are unwatchable (jiggling camera, too far way, subjects not in the frame - host of ills.). Luckily, a much more able amateur videographer has shared his work.

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