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July 19-21: A quick update for those who are tired of waiting for me to get up to date.

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Claudine and Sam Fife's souvenir of their trip to the Grand Canyon on July 23, 1933, exactly 86 years ago tomorrow.

Day 3 was Hoover Dam - Boulder City - Willow Beach where I got swim in the Colorado River below Hoover Dam and I met a bunch of really great people. I did my first run at charging at an RV park and it worked really well. By the way, the temperature was 114 which it just too hot. However, I hear all of you are also experiencing extreme heat, many of you with the added joy of humidity. Here the heat is dry. I poured water all over myself, drenching my clothes and they were dry 15 minutes later. Dry!

Day 4 was Willow Beach to Kingman AZ to Grand Canyon Caverns, AZ. I am now really on Old Route 66, with all the abandoned buildings and seriously kitch everything. I am figuring out the driving an electric car in extreme heat. Mostly the idea is to GO SLOW.

Day 5 I toured Grand Canyon Caverns in the morning - almost 300 feet below ground, the largest dry cave (that no river running through it like Mammoth Caves) in the US. Hopped from there to Williams, AZ, the turnoff from Route 66 to go to the Grand Canyon. Hung around Williams all afternoon level 2 charging.

Day 6 and 7 - Monday/Tuesday July 22-23 - I am heading up to the Grand Canyon. I will hike. What I do not know yet. Depends on the heat.

Day 8 I hop from Grand Canyon back to Williams and then to Flagstaff to meet Chip who is coming to spend some days on the road with me.

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1 Comment

Jul 24, 2019

Hello Heather,

It seems you’re making real progress and figuring things out in good stride. Glad Chip is joining for a few days. It kind of freshens up the relationship to take it out of its typical context. The heat you’re experiencing is ridiculous. May you find many, many places to take a dip and cool off. Carry on with your summer project. Looking forward to the updates.

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